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Master Automotive
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 by Richard Parker
Excellent Service & Staff

I am late in writing this review.I highly recommend Wade and his team for their courteous and honest service. This team lead by Waid is the most professional I have encountered. I took my 2002 BMW M5 in, my prelim check identified it as a faulty fuel pump, Waid and his team confirmed, gave me a price that was way below the dealer. He also did a full inspection adn found that the control arms were in need of replacement. Price was very fair so I had all the work competed. I also asked for a reputable shop to fix a body dent and Waid came through with Dennis, excellent work. He made the process easy and seamless. I will take my car from LA to Santa Clara for repairs.

 by Bahman
World-class Service...

I highly recommend Wade and team for their outstanding prompt, courteous, and honest service. You MUST check them out and be the judge.


 by Rahul

I am writing about 2 months after taking my car to Master Automotive. My Audi A3 (2010) TDI broke down in the middle of the road and the engine malfunction light came on. I towed the car to Master Automotive. Wade told me what was wrong with it after working on it for a day - and it was very serious. The fuel injectors, filter, fuel lines, and tank, all had metal shavings in it, something that would take several thousand dollars to fix. What was very impressive was that Wade and his team called the dealership on my behalf and discussed covering it. My car had been out of warranty for a month and a half (it had a 4-year full warranty). They met with me, explained what was wrong and advised me to negotiate with the dealer. They did not charge me anything for this! I had the card towed to the dealer. The dealer said they negotiated with Audi to pick up the tab. I also did some research and found that this had happened to other A3 TDIs as well. Audi paid for the repairs. I just got my car back and that's when I decided to write this review.

Wade and his team was dead on, regarding what was wrong with the car. I admire his honesty, and the good faith advice. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone.

 by Lynn V
Outstanding Audi Service

Wade and his team provide outstanding service for my Audi and at the best price. They are so honest, friendly and knowledgeable. I have taken my car to Wade for large repairs (including rats eating my wires) and quick stops for a engine check and a light bulb replacement. I feel so well taken care -- I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.

 by Alfonso Villafuerte
Passat 2.0t

I would like to give a SUPER BIG THANKS to Wade and Derrick for fixing my wife's Passat 2.0t.

I appreciate Derrick and am great full for the diagnostics and repairs that he recommended.

Also I am great full for taking the car to the dealership to have a computer diagnostic check and reprogram of some vital repair they had done for us . They went out of their way to give customer satisfaction and good service. Best of all they are well above all the dealers in service and well below in cost.

They do not have enough recognition for the wonderful work that they do.



INTERO real estate agent.

 by Stephen H.

So of course my Porsche had more issues, after all it is 15 years old. Well it finally died, I think I took the phrase of "driving the car until it dies" too literal. My car overheated and I had it towed to Master Automotive of course. Waid at Master Automotive was his usual magnificent self and told me the truth, "It's time to get a new car." I knew it was time, but it was still sad. The silver lining to this sad news, when Waid told me that they would inspect any used car I was interested in buying. Not only did he make that offer, he even recommended a few car suggestions as well of cars that have an exceptionally solid track record of being highly reliable and durable. Once again this place came through for me. As I go off in my adventure of looking for a new car, I feel a lot more secure and better about it knowing that the guys here can help me out and give me peace of mind by checking on a car that I am interested in. Let me tell ya, that peace of mind and knowing that I have a car repair shop that I can TRULY TRUST, which helps me sleep at night. I have personally recommended this place to every person I know who's warranty has already expired on their cars or for anyone who needs any work done. Knowing a great car repair place is like striking GOLD. It's like those Master Card commercials I guess, it is "priceless"!

 by Matthew Mucklo

We've taken our car to Waid a few times recently and it seems he's always gone the extra mile to reduce our repair bill, either by flat out not charging us for extra work, extra cost, or extra diagnosis time, or spending extra time taking apart something he could have just broken off and charged us more to replace extra parts. As the name of the company is "Master Automotive" he truly does seem to have a Masterful grasp of working on the ins and outs of the types of cars he typically services. From what he's told us from the experience side, he's been both a technician and a service-advisor for a German auto-dealership before, and he's ASE Master certified as well. He himself has said he specializes in difficult problems, and to us he's definitely demonstrated that, dealing with a number of tough car issues for us recently. For one of the issues he even fixed it free of charge, even after spending time and extra cost for diagnosis. I'm very grateful for his time, expertise, and patience, and help he's given to us and our car as of late.

 by Jordan

I have been taking my cars to Wade at Master Automotive forever -it has been almost 17 years already. He always did an outstanding job and was happy to explain any work. I feel very confident that I am getting the real story. There have been times I know he could have told me something needed fixing, but instead he told me I still had life and did not pressure a fix. He was always right. It is very comforting to feel like you can trust your mechanic. If you have a BMW Mercedes Benz or an Audi car why take to the dealer, take it to Wade and put some money back in your pocket. Wade is a straight shooter and easy going guy. He understands doing a good job equates to a loyal customer. There is definitely a sense of pride in his shop. Basically I know when my car rolls out of this place it is in the best shape it can be.